SyncML LITE for iOS App Reviews

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No support yet for iOS 11? Yeash...

Can no longer sync contacts - waiting for iOS 11 support

Great interoperability

Works great with my SyncML server; any time I update a contact I can run this app and my webmail, desktop mail client, and family members all get the update too. Only complaint is that debugging problems is not easy, and getting your configuration exactly right the first time isn't easy either.

Partially works w/ GMail's SyncML

Not much use with GMail's SyncML service. Keep getting Error 500 when trying to sync in any mode other than 'normal'.

Not much use...

without the calendaring sync.

Great, bur latest not working

2.50 doesn't work on iOS 3.1.3. Won't even load.

Used to work great

Newest version crashes on 3.1.3. Stay away if you're on 3.1.3 still.

no SSL support!

Nice client. Works with DeskNow server, but no SSL support - a major problem ...

HELLO APPLE.....please unlock the calendar

We have the rest of salesmen at our office holding off on the iPhone because it will not sync with our web based CRM that currently uses a Funambol database. Synthesis client is working well with all of the Palm Treo & Centro in the office because it sync the contacts AND calendar. No go for the iphone because of this! I have MobileMe currently but this I am having to double enter and I don't know how long I can stand it. Looks like I might be returning the iPhone if this doesn't change. :(( Synthesis on the other hand has a great product here. Syncs everything perfectly except for multiple email addresses. At least with our system that's the case.

This works well as an Oracle calendar client

Initially this app was not that useful since Apple would not allow access to the iPhone's built in calendar. But recent versions came with their own calendar and I've had good success syncing with an Oracle calendar account. The last few versions have had good syncing--before that there seemed to be some issues with syncing after 10 or so times. Overall it's a very nice client and Synthesis did a nice job of getting around Apple's calendar policy.

Why is this app in the iTunes Store?

It can't update the calendar so what *can* it do? Other reviews blame Apple but I have to blame Synthesis AG for putting a non-functional app in the store that wastes my time downloading, configuring and debugging an unresolvable issue.

Simply does not work

Does not work with Opentext FirstClass mail server. Even if it did without Calender it is all but useless. Come on Steve Jobs, knock it off and give us some real functionality

Over the air sync

I agree this app is worthless without syncing of Calendar. I will sync my calendar on line but wouldn't trust it with sensitive info in my contacts. There's no tellling what google might do with that info.

Didn't see any timer functionality

Needs to sync at a specified interval, not just manually. And of course, not much use without calendar sync.

Without Calendaring...

it is useless in the corporate world... Great phone though.


Having calendar support would make my life immeasurably better. Have a heart Apple.

Updates are coming..

"The initial release will be a free download from the App Store, supporting only contact sync. Calendar synchronisation is prepared, but at this time Apple does not allow access to the calendar data yet. The Synthesis SyncML client for iPhone will become a paid application once it is complete with calendar synchronisation."

Getting closer

Obviously calendering doesn't work, but neither does syncing contacts. Not ready for prime time. --- Contacts works now, but still no calendar. Come on Apple.

no cal snyc

Come on APPLE!!!!! Let us sync the calendar!!!!!!

I desperately need SyncML calendaring solution

Apple, get your act together. If you want to sell the iPhone to professionals, you better accept and support an open calendaring solution. Where I work we use Oracle Calendar, at a VERY LARGE INSTITUTION. You're throwing away business sales here, and those are of the type that would generate a constant stream of recurring revenue. Do you want to sell to broke kids, or the people with the money?

No cal and incomplete contact support

Contact support is not complete. Contacts with 1 or 2 phone numbers sync fine. Contacts with 3 numbers only sync 2 to iPhone. Contacts with 4 numbers sync 3 to iPhone. Adding a third number to a contact in the iPhone causes a new contact to be created on the server!!

NEED Calendar Sync Support

Man, I really NEED the calendar sync support. Who ever put the brakes on this, stop it. Please let these people finish their app, and get Calendar sync to us all. Many of us need this. Please.

works well, but...

What is apple's reasoning for not letting 3rd party apps access iCal? Ohh wait, that might eliminate the need for some people to pay the extremely inflated ME fees...

Oracle Collabsuite User...Needs Work

I've been a very happy user of SyncML on my Windows Mobile devices for over two years now. I am trying to switch to my iPhone as my primary device. Without calendar sync I'll never get there. I also have not been able to get contacts to sync even after setting up the client EXACTLY as on my WM device. I've been waiting for this and you're so close...please get us the rest of the way!

Using the iPhone in my company relies on this working for calendar

I'm currently evaluating Smartphones. We have Oracle Calendar, without this or something similar to sync the calendar to the iPhone, the iPHone will not be a choice we can consider. Which is unfortunate.

No iCal No Good

Fuk Apple by Not letting 3rd party Apps to sync with ICAL

Calendar sync

Yes, please implemant calendar syncing and I'm sure many will be happy.

Not Ready Yet

I know their products for Windows Mobile work flawlessly and was looking forward to this app, sadly it crashes within moments of connecting to my server.

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